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Saturday, October 16, 2010


Hello! So far, I have been in Turkey for about three weeks and have already been recording articles for this blog in a notebook.  My experiences thus far have made me realize that to others, what I end up writing may seem pretty intense, and maybe even a bit inappropriate for general public viewing. However, I hope to record my life here truthfully and in detail, so I ask all potential readers to refrain from discussing what they read with others. 
This blog will simply be a narration of my thoughts, feelings, and activities that carry me through my year touring Turkey, and I am posting it all for you so that hopefully, you can explore the journey that I will be taking as if you were here, travelling with me! However, since some of it may be a bit personal, and even sometimes a little disturbing, I ask that you please keep what you read to yourself when prudent to do so, and please, if anything that I write seems offensive to you, just contact me directly at  
I hope you will all enjoy my story. Thank you, and happy reading!


  1. Hey honey!I am missing you! I am your first blog follower!Guess what, I think I will always follow up your life stories! I am happy to be back here in HI, I can meet some friends I got to know when I was here. I think I will go back to China at the beginning of Jan. , just let you know you will always always be welcomed to come to visit me whenever I am, when you get the chance!! xxxxxooooooo. Sophia

  2. Awwwwwwwwww Thank you Sophia! If I can find the time, I will definitely try to come and visit! And feel free to come visit me here in Istanbul too, if you ever get the chance. I miss you too! xoxo